Why is it important to upgrade to cloud hosting from Dedicated servers?


 If you have ever launched a website or an app or planning to launch one, then you have surely come across the term cloud hosting or dedicated servers. Cloud hosting is a new technology that stores your website data and is provided by many companies across the globe like VPS Malaysia.

Now, you must be wondering what is the difference between cloud hosting and dedicated servers? 

Well, for decades, we have been using the traditional form of hosting where our website or app data is stored in a single machine and can be called shared hosting or dedicated hosting. If you have a big website with loads of sensitive data, then it is advisable to opt for a dedicated server, and if you want to run a small website, then opting for a shared server would be a better option. To know more about cloud hosting and different types of servers, contact experts like VPS Malaysia to get a better idea. 

So, why are we suggesting that you upgrade to cloud hosting from dedicated servers?  Well, to be honest, cloud hosting is much more advanced than regular hosting services. Let’s us give a glimpse as to why you should upgrade your hosting plan?

  • Reliability

In normal or the traditional hosting plan, your website data is saved on a single machine that is placed somewhere. So, if it gets spoilt or the machine goes offline, then your website and your data will vanish from the internet. Therefore, relying completely on traditional hosting can be a risky affair.

On the other hand, you can opt for cloud hosting, which is safer than traditional hosting. In cloud hosting, the data of your website is saved across various machines that are placed and are interconnected from all over the globe. If one machine ceases to exist, your data and website will still be there in another machine. Hence, losing data and online presence is almost impossible in the case of cloud hosting. To know more about cloud hosting, contact VPS Malaysia today.

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  • Scale-Up

Cloud hosting is much more advanced than dedicated server setups, as the infrastructure has almost unlimited processing power. Whether you have a heavy-duty website or large amounts of data, you will still have plenty of processing power at your disposal. For example, if you are expecting a new load of visitors and online traffic, then you do not have to be worried about the site going down. Since your website is being processed by multiple interconnected machines, therefore, there are minimal chances of the website not responding due to heavy traffic.

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Here are the two main reasons why you should shift to cloud hosting. Always make sure your data is secured, and cloud hosting will give your immense advantage in growing your online presence.