Archiving Mobile SMS, Voice Calls, and WhatsApp Calls and Chats


Due to the coronavirus pandemic’s negative impacts, many firms and businesses are currently navigating challenges, mainly financial and operational, as they strive to establish business continuity. Amid the uncertainty, the business landscape aims to emerge from this pandemic stronger. 

One of their recovery strategies is implementing remote working for employees, as most firms can remotely support their core operations. However, some are facing difficulties in having solutions to record voice calls effectively and retain messages. 

It may stem from the fact that many organizations have a BYOD policy, and many employees prefer to use mobile phones and applications that are familiar to them, such as the prominent WhatsApp, which is not in compliance with data protection regulations.

The use of such means to communicate with clients and transacting business does not guarantee a secure messaging service and recording of employee’s communications.

Such records are essential to conducting smooth internal investigations and the eDiscovery phase. TeleMessage can help various organizations in capturing and recording mobile content, including WhatsApp chats. 

If a firm has yet to implement such means, investigations are likely to have difficulty accessing records should an internal investigation occur. 

Read this infographic from TeleMessage to learn more about archiving Mobile SMS, Voice Calls, and WhatsApp Calls and Chats for internal investigations.