Features to Look For When Selecting the Best Free Landlord Property Management Software


Landlords or property managers who handle a vast portfolio of properties on rent need a suitable platform and tool that makes managing these properties easier, faster, and efficient for them. With so many software options available these days, choosing the one that suits a landlord’s specific requirements is slightly challenging. Using filters and checking out some pertinent features in the software can help make the right choice. 


These property management software solutions help property marketing easier and convenient than ever. It also helps landlords sift through so many background checks and applications when looking for the right tenant. It also helps them keep a tab on keeping the property in the best condition because managing commercial and residential properties entail a lot of hard work and effort. Even after a tenant moves in, the work of the landlord is not finished. He will soon be inundated with maintenance requests, HOA fee collection and more. 


Investing or using the right property management software can help handle all these tasks with the utmost efficiency. These software tools and solutions are designed to be used by property managers and landlords. It helps in performing an extensive range of tasks and day to day jobs related to property management. For the newcomers in the field, the whole prospect may seem to be a little daunting but using free tools, the job can be done properly without any hassles. These tools help landlords to stay organized and manage their properties without splurging or making an investment. These tools can help manage from just a few units to a large and extensive portfolio of properties. Here we bring you a few features that must be available in any Free Landlord Property Management Software you are planning to use. 

  • The software that you are planning to use must provide an all-in-one solution that includes taking care of leasing, marketing, accounting, the functionality of management for commercial, single-family, multi-family, mixed portfolio, and community association property managers. 
  • It must be a cloud-based software so that it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. This helps the landlord needing to access statements or reports related to the properties directly through the owner portal. 
  • The software must help to streamline the rent cycle with the help of incorporating key features like complete general ledger accounting, lease tracking, automated collection of rent, keeping tab of delayed payment, maintenance requests, rent renewal, and more. 
  • The tool must be user-friendly and must be easy to set up. Landlords who are not too tech-savvy can also be able to make the most of this tool and manage their properties. 
  • Some tools provide a free version for some time and extended use, the users have to pay for it. Check out if the tool is worth investing in through free trial and then buy the premium software. 

With managing properties becoming an increasingly challenging and daunting task, landlords have to look for a robust support system that can help them make their task easier and better managed.