Is it necessary to use a VPN? What are the benefits?


Have you ever spent countless of hours online, surfing the deep world of the internet? Now, have you ever done it with necessary security or privacy precautionary measures?

It’s a fact that the majority of us aren’t aware of all that could go wrong online, and all the cyber-threats that could gain access to our devices and data. Cybersecurity is so important, especially with the rise in cyber-attacks. One great way to protect yourself in the online world, is by using a VPN.

What’s a VPN?

A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, is by far one of the best security tools ever created. This software is designed to encrypt your data, and protect your device. There are also other features that this software comes with that allows you to change your virtual IP address, keeping you hidden from your internet service provider or the government.

But, is a VPN necessary? Are there certain myths we need to eliminate? Let’s discuss them below.

Is a VPN necessary?

Yes, it is.

A VPN might not be 100% secure or reliable, but it is necessary, it serves the purpose. There aren’t any security software that are completely reliable.

The thing is, a VPN is one of a couple of the best security tools that if used properly, can help secure your online issues. You might have at some point heard many providers constantly advertise VPN services to the point that it feels like a life and death situation. It’s not.

A VPN is necessary if you’re trying to access a service from abroad, or if you’re trying to access your online bank accounts.

There are circumstances where certain streaming services like Netflix aren’t available everywhere in the world. To access them, a VPN is necessary. This is because you could go for an alternative, like a proxy, but a proxy will not equip you with all the necessary security features that a VPN offers.

What are the benefits of using VPN service?

There are quite a number of benefits regarding a VPN, but to name a few of them, they are:

  • A VPN helps anonymize your online activities, keeping you safe, and protects your data from being stolen or traced by the internet service provider, the government or third-party websites.
  • It’s best for remote workers, especially since the security is much lower than that at the office. Remote workers can’t afford big-scale security software nor an IT team that’s at hand. A VPN is the ultimate solution for it. Remote workers won’t even have to spend a huge buck, since there are many cheap VPN services that offer the best security features.
  • You’ll be able to access some of the most popular geo-blocked streaming service from anywhere in the world, along with access cheaper airplane tickets and more.
  • Most devices like your Android and iOS phones come with great security systems. But, they’re still not powerful nor enough. A VPN meshed with your device will heighten your devices security system, and solidify it with military-grade encryption.

To conclude

A VPN is a great security tool. It’ll help you through many issues, take care of online threats, and protect your data and device. It all depends on the provider you choose.