Technological Tools for Remote Freelancer Management in Business


Recruitment in companies has moved from face-to-face job interviews to remote hiring and work over the years. Remote work has brought new talent pools for companies to pick from, and one of them is the freelancer pool. Remote work is also beneficial for freelancers too as they can work with companies that are not accessible locally.

Why handling remote freelancers is tough?

Given that remote working freelancers are a new type of recruits, companies face problems while managing them. These freelancers are not within the immediate vicinity of the company’s surveillance and may not know about the standards and employee expectations of the company.

Moreover, freelancers cannot be engaged like regular, on-campus employees in face-to-face meetings. They can be engaged to a certain extent through video calls. It is difficult for companies to assign new tasks or inform a remote freelance worker about the change in priorities in the current job.

Given the vast potential of freelancers and the difficulty managing them the conventional way, companies could use various software designed to handle remote freelance workers.


Trello uses cards and boards to keep the manager, team leader and freelance worker organized. This allows stakeholders to keep track of a task’s progression and track daily and long-term assignments. In addition, team leaders and managers can add or drop freelancers on a specific board based on the project’s needs. Most importantly, all these services are available for free.


Employee monitoring is as important as communication in digital spaces. It is possible to monitor employees on-campus with employee monitoring software. However, this software cannot be used to monitor remote employees like freelancers. The employee monitoring software from Workpuls allows companies to track the activity of their remote employees, including freelancers. Workpuls’ employee tracker notifies the company about the employee’s activity through time-defined screenshots.

Managers and team leaders can “visit” their remote freelancers at any time as the software works across different time zones. In addition, having a Workpuls remote employee monitoring software allows managers and team leaders to have a suspicion-free relationship.


Dropbox allows users to share their files and folders with individuals, companies, or clients. In addition, freelancers can use Dropbox to share files for easy collaboration.


Communication with freelancers is not like communication in an office. It is easy to send a message across as everyone is around in an office. However, contact with freelancers will happen digitally, and Slack provides an all-in-one solution for digital space communication.

A team communication app accessible across all platforms, Slack allows team leaders and managers to create chat rooms for dedicated topics. In addition, private communications and company-wide communications can be carried out on Slack, making it a good choice for contact with freelancers.