Thailand Colocation – Explained In Brief


Colocation is the use of a third-party leased facility to hold organizations’ compute, storage, and networking resources. Colocation facilities provide scalability, continuity, and protection for applications, data, and systems, as well as access to some advanced data center technology, all while eliminating the need to develop, staff, and maintain in-house server rooms or data centers, allowing clients to concentrate on their business.

A data center colocation facility is known as either retail or wholesale. Hybrid cloud-based colocation facilities are a third category that has recently gained popularity.

  • Retail Colocation – A customer rents data center space, typically in the form of a rack, space inside a rack, or a caged-off zone.
  • Wholesale Colocation – Here, a tenant rents a completely constructed data center room at a lower cost than retail vendors, but with less power and space requirements.
  • Hybrid Cloud-Based Collocation – In-house and outsourced data center facilities are combined in hybrid cloud colocation.

Thailand Colocation

There are seven different services in Thailand. Their services are ISO 27001 accredited to provide reliability, redundancy, reliability, site protection with a 24×7 human-monitored system, and customer infrastructure that needs close monitoring. At the same time, the expense must be justified by the value of the service provided to customers. They have a NOC center with surveillance personnel on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Microsoft365 advisory services aid in the mapping of a company’s business requirements to appropriate Office 365 solutions. These services also provide consulting support for Office 365 solution deployment, user adoption, and evolution.

Why Thailand Linked Up With Microsoft365?

The best companies offer all-inclusive Microsoft365 consulting services to help the company achieve multifaceted cloud collaboration through efficient cloud-hosted applications that provide a variety of Microsoft365 functionality.

Microsoft365 ensures a quick and simple cloud transfer, allowing you to reshape IT technology and restructure IT personnel. It also enables the workers to take advantage of any aspect of their modern digital workplace by implementing an optimal selection of Office 365 apps.

It helps you to get a highly usable solution, find the right balance between your customization requirements and Microsoft restrictions. It ensures that your cloud solution is safe, with corporate content, confidential data, and employees’ knowledge and expertise protected. It considers consumer acceptance from the beginning of the project to ensure that your solution or its specific features are prominent and meet clients’ needs.