How Is AI Disrupting Businesses All Over The World?


AI is one of the finest discoveries of this century. Ever since it came into existence, it has been changing the way businesses operate and stay in touch with their customers. In simple words, AI or artificial intelligence is the capability of computers to showcase intelligent humans behaviour. This intelligence is used by businesses to acquire new users, serve existing customers effectively, and

Hundreds of thousands of businesses have opted for AI in one way or another in the last five years or so. And this number is growing at a swift pace. If you are also a business owner, trying to make it large with the help of AI, then read through the below-mentioned points to understand how AI is disrupting businesses all over the world.

Customer Experience In Event Industry

AI is used by many businesses to improve the overall experience of their customers. Take the example of event industry, which generates billions of dollars in collective revenues every year. Since it’s a customer centric industry and the success of any business directly correlate with the satisfaction level of their customers, most of them take the help of AI to automate processes and enhance the overall experience.

From event registration to live broadcast of any product launch, use of chat boats to interact with users, customised invitations, product recommendations, etc., are done smartly in a way that both businesses and customers can get the maximum out of every event.

Machine Learning

From self-driving cars to Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, AI has become an integral part of everyone’s routine life without them paying much attention to it. Now, you don’t have to open to place an order. Simply ask Alexa to do it on your behalf. There are dozens of other tasks you can accomplish using just voice command. The same is the case with Siri that allows you to do many things without touching your phone. These are just a few basic examples of how data is empowering machines to learn and respond according to your needs. There are dozens of other ways in which AI is helping businesses to serve their customers effectively, and in return generating billions of dollars in sales.

Chat Boats For Resolving Customer Queries

From major e-commerce stores to call centres across the globe, businesses have started developing chatbots that are capable of answering general customer queries. This way, they not only speed up the response time but also can cut the cost of hiring customer support executives by a considerable margin. This method has already become very popular among businesses that deal with customer queries on a daily basis.

All in all, AI has reduced the work pressure by automating most of the business processes. Going forward, it is expected to grow its horizon and take the process automation to the next level. If you are a business owner, make sure you inculcate AI into your business process flow without any further delay to reap all the benefits it can offer.